Budget 2011: Why anyone could do better than George Osborne

23rd March 2011

And so the dust has settled on another budget. But what does this mean for investors?

There was some good news with Inheritance Tax and Gift Aid, as well as slight improvements elsewhere.

Now this is all fine, but the basic problem many face of trying to make their wealth last their lifetime continues.

Can they afford to stay in their home? Will inflation eat away at their income? How can they improve on low interest rates without taking high levels of risk?

Will they have a choice in terms of the provision of care and will that leave any money they can pass on to others? 

Yet again we have a budget which muddies the water.

Where a pound is taken from here and a penny given there, but does that directly help investors who need radical changes?

Absolutely not. None of these announcements help my clients cope with the financial impact of their retirement in the current investment environment.

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