British Gas and EDF price cuts “not good enough”

11th February 2016


British Gas and EDF may have finally completed their round of gas price cuts but experts are urging households to vote with their feet and get a better deal.

Switching site highlighted that despite the recent reductions, bill payers could save up to £292 on their gas and electricity bills by ditching their standard tariffs.

Ben Wilson, energy spokesperson at the group said: “Quite frankly, the cuts to standard gas tariffs that we’ve seen from the big six aren’t good enough, especially as smaller energy companies continue to consistently offer better deals to customers. Rather than lead the industry, British Gas and EDF have held out the longest, only to copy what their competitors are doing, which is already the bare minimum.

“In fact, both companies have waited so long that it will be spring before their loyal customers feel any benefit. By then, customers will be turning the heating down but will have already paid well over the odds for their big winter energy bills.

“Granted, British Gas has previously cut gas prices, but the truth is, the vast majority of British Gas standard tariff customers would still save far more by switching to one of the current dual fuel best-buys which are now all priced under £780 a year on average.”

Wilson advised that ‘big six’ customers need to look at the cuts that providers have offered as a wake-up call and take charge of their own energy costs rather than wait for their provider to offer them a better deal, because he added that “the energy giants have clearly demonstrated that it simply isn’t going to happen”.

Top 10 cheapest dual fuel tariffs*

Supplier Tariff Tariff type Annual cost Early exit fees
GB Energy Supply Fixed 12 Sapphire Fixed £765 None
GB Energy Supply Premium Energy Saver Variable £765 None
Avro Energy Simple and Save Variable £766 None
extraenergy Fresh Fixed Price Feb 2017 v4 Fixed £768 £25 per fuel
first:utility First Fixed April 2017 v3 Fixed £771 £30 per fuel
extraenergy Clear Fixed Price Feb 2017 v3 Fixed £772 £25 per fuel
So Energy So Caterpillar Fixed £773 £5 per fuel
Flow Energy Connect 5 Fixed £774 £30 per fuel
SSE SSE 1 Year Fixed v4 Fixed £775 £30 per fuel
Co-operative Energy Co-op Online March 2017 Fixed £775 £30 per fuel

*Based on dual fuel, payment by monthly direct debit, averaged across all UK regions and for households with an annual energy usage of 12,500kWh gas and 3,100kWh electricity (medium user). Correct as of 11/02/2016. Excludes collective tariffs.


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