Best of the Finance Blogs: ‘The Economic Crisis Comes to Hollywood’

24th February 2012

The Economic Crisis Comes to Hollywood

First it was the publishing, and then it was the auto and banking industry, now its Hollywood's turn to feel the deflationary forces brought about by "the internet combined with the pressures of a four year period of elevated unemployment levels." The Reformed Broker

Argentina's trade surplus: few cause for celebration

Yesterday's announcement that Argentina recorded an increase in its trade surplus of 7.2% is nothing to celebrate because it was driven by government restrictions on imports not a boom in exports. Beyond Brics

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of U.S. Whaling

An extinct business offers modern economic lessons about "the triumph of technology, the future of work, and the inevitable decline of industries that might not be worth saving." Business: The Atlantic

Under Volcker, Old Dividing Line in Banks May Return

The Volcker Rule (a proposal that restricts banks whose deposits are federally insured from trading for their own benefit) may create a divided world where the old investment banks i.e. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are challenged by upstarts not limited by the rule. Deal Professor

Pact With the Devil Over Gold

By allowing its lenders to have the right to seize its gold reserves, Greece may not be able spare the "agony of a completely worthless currency."  Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis


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