Best of the Finance Blogs: ‘Austerity? What Austerity?’

2nd March 2012

Don't believe this blog – economists lie!

Does studying Business and Economics make you less honest, or do people who feel less strongly about morals find themselves more attracted to those subjects? Economists Raul Lopez-Perez and Eli Spiegelman decide to find out. Five-Minute Economist

Austerity? What austerity?

Vuk Vukovic says Britain is far from austerity: "Yes, some painful cuts have been made but what does the government do with this saved up money? It "invests" in credit easing, housing subsidies, the youth contract and infrastructural projects. They are all part of a Keynesian response to the crisis." Adam Smith Institute

Getting Off Track and the Panic of 2008 Revisited

According to John B. Taylor, the real cause of the panic in 2008 was the ad hoc and unpredictable policies leading up to and following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Not the Lehman bankruptcy per se as economist Paul Krugman believes. Economics One

Mitt Gets the Supply-Side Approach

Lawrence Kudlow explains why Mitt Romney's proposal for an across-the board 20 percent reduction in personal tax rates is different from George W. Bush's tax cuts in 2003. He concludes that Romney's plan shows he gets the supply-side approach.  Kudlow's Money Politics

American Idol: Who Really Picks The Winner?

This blogger notices that the hit talent show can influence the outcome in ways other than feedback from the judges. He highlights research from others that test this hypothesis. Weakonomics


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