AV debate: Is this the most controversial blog of the year?

6th May 2011

The Telegraph's veteran personal finance editor Ian Cowie has suggested his own alternative vote restricting elections to those who have some skin in the game i.e. those who pay income tax and perhaps pensioners who have contributed previously.

The article is illustrated with a picture of the Labour leader from the start of the 20th century Keir Hardie who campaigned for the vote to be extended to those who paid income tax. (this was of course and extension of the franchise not a restriction as Mr Cowie appears to be suggesting.)

His article gets a remarkable 616 comments, more than 800 tweets, and more than a 1000 Facebook recommendations, with some posting and rowing long into the night. There are calls for him to be sacked though some suspect that Mr Cowie tongue is firmly planted in his cheek.

But here are the crucial couple of sentences –

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