4 reasons why Israel’s economy is so strong

3rd August 2012

China's Biggest Problems Are Political, Not Economic

Even though it seems that China will escape an economic ‘hard landing', Martin Feldstein argues that the next challenge that its leaders will face is: rising income inequality, a rapidly ageing population and corruption. WSJ 


4 Reasons Why Israel's Economy Is So Strong

The Israeli government has learned from its nasty bout of hyperinflation in the 80s, it's welcomed a slew of talented immigrants, tried its hand at venture capitalism (briefly, I might add), and they may have the world's smartest central banker to boot. The Atlantic


How about quantitative easing for the people?

Anatole Kaletsky says distributing money to the general public was the one response to intractable recessions and liquidity traps that united economists Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes. "In today's world of electronic money, we would not even need Friedman's helicopters or Keynes's ditchdiggers. Just a few lines of computer code." Reuters


UK should have waited to enforce austerity

According to their research, Jonathan Portes and John Van Reenen find that the economic pain resulting from austerity, while unavoidable, could have been substantially reduced by if fiscal consolidation had been delayed until more normal times. FT


Realising a Golden Opportunity

As we get into the teeth of the London Olympic Games, here's an infographic that summarises just how big the social and economic impact of the games will be, not just for London but for the whole country.  Visa Europe

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